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GCT100 2023 Nominees: Cultivation & Manufacturing




Here is where it all begins. The growers, breeders, extractors and their lighting, equipment and materials suppliers are literally the people who germinate and carefully cultivate the plants that make the cannabis industry go round.

Equipment & Materials Nominees

Ali Ahmadian
CEO, Heliospectra
Gothenburg, Sweden

A.C. Braddock
Co-Founder & CEO, Eden Labs
Seattle, WA, United States

Scott Campbell
CEO, Aroya
Pullman, WA, United States

Raymond Chang
Chair & CEO, Agrify
Boston, MA, United States

Matthew Ellis
Founder & CEO, ExtractionTek Stainless
Denver, CO, United States

Jill Ellsworth
Founder & CEO, Willow Industries
Denver, CO, United States

Ash Ganley
Senior Advisor, HighMont Advisors
Denver, CO, United States

Jim Hagedorn
CEO, Scotts Miracle-Gro
Marysville, OH, United States

Darren Lampert
Co-Founder & CEO, GrowGeneration
Armonk, NY, United States

Brian Malin
Co-Founder, Vital Grown
Nevada City, CA, United States

Bradley Nattrass
Chair & CEO, Urban-gro
Lafayette, CO, United States

Eric Rondolat
CEO, Signify
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Michael Straumietis
CEO, Advanced Nutrients
Palm Springs, CA, United States

Growing & Genetics Nominees

Carlos “Los” Arias
Co-Founder & CEO, Green Horizons
Rancho Mirage, CA, United States

Jim Belushi
Owner, Belushi’s Farm
Eagle Point, OR, United States

Mark Brentlinger
Owner & CEO, Crop King Seeds
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Kevin Brooks
CEO, Conception Nurseries
Sacramento, CA, United States

Jesus Burrola
Carmel, CA, United States

Rick “MrSoul” Campanella
Founder, Brothers Grimm Seeds
Johnstown, CO, United States

Johnny Casali
Founder & CEO, Huckleberry Hill Farms,
Garberville, CA, United States

Swami Chaitanya
Co-Founder, Swami Select
Hopland, CA, United States

Jai “Jigga” Chang
Co-Founder & Chief Geneticist, Cookies
San Francisco, CA, United States

John De Friel
Co-Founder, Raw Garden / CombiBio
Santa Barbara, CA, United States

Kenny “Kenny Powers” Dumetz
Co-Founder, Powerzzzup
San Francisco, CA, United States

Tony Gellman
Owner, Ridgeline Farms
Garberville, CA, United States

Mario Guzman
Founder & CEO, Sherbinskis
San Francisco, CA, United States

Jesce Horton
Co-Founder & CEO, Lowd
Portland, OR, United States

Julia Jacobson
Co-Founder, Aster Farms
Oakland, CA, United States

Kevin Jodrey
Owner, Wonderland Nursery
Myers Flat, CA, United States

Euan Keenan
Founder, GroVida
Faro, Portugal

Charlie Kieley
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Kings Garden
Palm Springs, CA, United States

Michael King
Co-Founder, Chair & Co-CEO, Kings Garden
Palm Springs, CA, United States

Christopher Lynch
Chief Executive Wizard, Compound Genetics
Portland, OR, United States

Jason Mejia
Co-Founder, Powerzzzup
San Francisco, CA, United States

Mitch & Tim
Co-Founders, Mephisto Genetics
Madrid, Spain

Gastón Morales
President, Cannava
San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina

Dave Murray
Co-Founder, Lowd
Portland, OR, United States

Chrystal Ortiz
Operations Manager, True Humboldt
Arcata, CA, United States

Felipe Recalde
CEO, Compound Genetics
San Francisco, CA, United States

Hugues “Hugo” R.B.
Owner, Sweet Seeds
Valencia, Spain

Jeff “Keyplay” Selsor
Co-Founder & CEO, Keys to the Kingdom
Gladwin, MI, United States

Patrick Stad
CEO, The Cure Company / The Originals / Jungle Boys
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Hemp Nominees

Doug Fine
Author & Owner, Funky Butte Ranch
Funky Butte Ranch, NM, United States

Calvin Frye
Chair, Standing Committee on Social Equity, National Hemp Association
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Ji Han
CEO, Hempu Time Bio-Tech
Tianjin, China

Sha Suojie
Chair, Sichuan Puyuan Miaosheng Group
Tianjin, China

Tan Xin
Chair, Hanma Investment Group
Kunming, China

Isiah Thomas
Chair & CEO, One World Products
Las Vegas, NV, United States

Geoff Whaling
Founder, President and Chief Vision Officer, RePlant Hemp Advisors
Chair, National Hemp Association
Philadelphia, PA, United States



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Cannabis Last Week with Jon Purow interviews Peter Su of Green Check Verified. Peter Su is a Senior Vice President with Green Check Verified, the top cannabis banking compliance software/consultancy in the space. A 20+ year veteran of the banking industry, Peter serves on the Banking & Financial Services committee of the National Cannabis Industry Association. He chairs the Banking and Financial Services Committee for the NYCCIA & HVCIA. He is an official member of the Rolling Stone Cannabis Culture Council. And, he is on the board of the Asian Cannabis Roundtable, serving as treasurer.

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