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Is THCa Flower the Next Big Thing?

Providing a traditional THC high when smoked but still legal at .03%, Boston Hemp launches its nationwide sales of THCa hemp flower.




A close up of THCa hemp flower. PHOTO COURTESY BOSTON HEMP

Boston Hemp, which calls itself the largest supplier of THCa flower in the nation, is giving customers in all 50 states a chance to seek benefits from the natural hemp alternative.

THCa flower is newest strain gaining traction in the cannabis market—just squeaking by the Federal Farm Bill of 2018’s definition of  the legality. When smoked, THCa hemp is still reported to have similar effects as THC. But the flowers are high in THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and extremely low in concentration of traditional THC (below 0.3%) — still registering the bud farm bill compliant.

In order for psychoactive effects to take place the flower must be smoked producing a high quintessentially the same as traditional marijuana. Once THCa is decarboxylated (smoked) it is recognized by the body as traditional THC producing a similar psychoactive effect indistinguishable from marijuana.

Boston Hemp notes that THCa is genetically and naturally produced and not a synthetic alternative like it’s counterpart Delta 8.

“All our THCa flower is grown aeroponically indoors with organic supplementation giving our customers a premier alternative to traditional marijuana” says Brandon Gadles CEO and founder of Boston Hemp Inc. “All our products are rigorously third party lab tested and insured ensuring their accuracy and compliance.”

Boston Hemp Inc. is the nation’s largest supplier of premium infused hemp products including flower, vapes, concentrates and edibles. Their wide array is sold online at




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