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Lotus Nutrients Wins Best Cannabis Nutrients Award From High Times

Indoor-cultivation focused Grow Strong Industries’ nutrient brand is engineered to trigger the rapid onset of flowering, producing dense, massive yields.




Lotus Nutrients Bloom, awarded Best Cannabis Nutrient Gear of the Year by High Times, is seen with cannabis flowers in an indoor grow tent, in Northern California. PHOTO PRNEWSWIRE

High Times magazine has named Lotus Nutrients’ Bloom formula “Best Flavor Enhancer” in its yearly awards recognizing companies offering best-in-class cannabis products. Northern California’s cultivation mecca may rely on the nurturing rays of the West Coast Sun, but for two decades Grow Strong Industries of Santa Rosa — which owns and manages Lotus Nutrients — has devoted itself to the possibilities of indoor cultivation.

Founded by three lifelong friends in the belief that raising plant medicine is a human right, Grow Strong Industries now owns a portfolio of brands, including Gorilla Grow Tent (a seven-time winner of High Time’s Gear of the Year award), Kind LED Grow Lights (a four-time Gear of the Year Award winner), the company’s SuperCloset growing systems and its Lotus Nutrients brand.

Lotus Nutrients’ simple 3 part system shown in the starter kit size available from the company. PHOTO PRNEWSWIRE

CEO and co-founder, Rory Kagan, said of the award, “High Times is a cornerstone of 420 culture. Lotus Nutrients was innovated with purpose in mind, as are all our brands. We were compelled to fight back against the comically complex and unnecessarily expensive nutrient programs that have long overrun the industry. When we brought Lotus to market, we knew we had developed the best cannabis nutrients, but it is quite an honor to have our beloved nutrient program recognized.”

Simplifying feeding for growers

In choosing Bloom as its “Best Flavor Enhancer,” High Times compared flowering additives formulated to enhance the natural processes within flowering plants that produce flavor and aroma. Bloom was designed to deliver that and as the icing on the cake to Lotus Nutrients’ simplified solution to a professional nutrients regimens. Lotus Nutrients feature a 3-part nutrient formula that replaces other 9- to 12-part cannabis nutrient systems. Lotus’ powdered nutrients were developed as an answer to growers’ top complaints about plant nutrients, which are that they tend to be difficult to use liquids, expensive and messy.

Lotus’ system, comprising Grow, Bloom and Boost, is formulated to produce lush, rapid vegetative growth and stimulate cannabis plants’ production of secondary metabolites, maximizing each plant’s true DNA. According to the company, Lotus’ Grow formula aids in producing thick stems, tight inter-nodal spacing, dense canopy development and massive root systems. Its Boost formula is designed to enhanced the size and density of flowers, while maximizing oil production for increased potency and taste. Its High Times-recognized Bloom was engineered to trigger the rapid onset of flowering, producing dense, massive yields.


Naturally derived source ingredients

Nicholas Schweitzer, founder and COO of Lotus Nutrients/Grow Strong Industries, said, “Bloom is the culmination of our years of research, development and testing to develop the perfect flower feeding regimen. By incorporating only quality, naturally derived source ingredients and providing plants with everything they need to optimize their flower cycle, Lotus’ Bloom amplifies the development of trichomes and resins, creating heavy and potent final harvests with tremendous flavor profiles.”

The company also offers lifetime grow support to their customers to ensure successful use of their products. For more information about Grow Strong Industries, visit here. For additional information or to purchase Lotus Nutrients visit



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