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Sanity Files: Secrets to Work-Life Balance 

Chelsey Joseph of [WHT LBL] shares her best habits and practices.




Chelsey Joseph is co-founder and CEO of [WHT LBL], a licensed cultivation and manufacturing business currently operating in Colorado, Ohio and Oregon. [WHT LBL] began operations in 2017 and produces consumer products in all major cannabis product categories. [WHT LBL]’s offerings include processing and infused products under several brand names, including: Wana Brands, Jane West, BirthJays, HighOnLove, LucidMood, and Pantry Food Co. In early 2020, Chelsey led the addition of a retail dispensary named The Republic, co-located at [WHT LBL]’s 24-acre farm headquarters in Boulder, CO.

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Going Global - Pioneering Cannabis Hospitality: A Conversation with Arend Richard

In this enlightening interview, Arend Richard, a seasoned entrepreneur from the cannabis industry, shares his journey from starting a YouTube channel to educate on cannabis use, to co-founding WeedTube, and developing a unique cannabis hospitality business. Born and raised in Colorado, Aaron discusses the evolution of his business ventures and his current project—creating a welcoming, educational environment for both seasoned and first-time cannabis users. He delves into the challenges of establishing a cannabis-friendly social space, including regulatory hurdles and community engagement, and highlights his vision for a new kind of social interaction centered around cannabis.

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