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True Tales & More: A Pug Ugly Disaster

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I was budtending on the medical side of the dispensary, helping out a regular patient. He asked if he could bring his dog in with him, a pug, and because it was so hot outside, I said of course. All of a sudden, 5 minutes into the transaction, I begin smelling dog poop. I peak around the register, and sure enough, not only had the patient’s pup gone No. 2, but the patient had stepped all in it with his sandals. I politely asked him to stand still while I went to get a plastic bag and some cleaning supplies. Upon my return to the front of the store, the patient had tracked the dog poop all over the dispensary floor. I gave him the plastic bag for his sandals and finished up his transaction as fast as I could. The patient walked out bare-footed and I proceeded to clean and disinfect the tile floor right after he left. Sad to say, that was the last time the patient brought his pug in with him to shop for his medicine. — Kevin O’Neil, Apothecary Farms, Pueblo, CO, USA


It’s estimated that American workers attend 55 million meetings each day. And most of these meetings run for an hour. Why? Because that’s what Outlook and Zoom scheduling tools dictate. That’s dumb. Break the practice of holding unneccesary meetings—and especially unneccesarily long meetings.

Source: Global Cannabis Times


Why don’t you have a $40 ounce they ask?! Well, Johnny, unfortunately the consumer demands that we undercut one another—which forces many businesses to sell product below the cost of production, especially considering the continuing increased cost of testing and other regulatory requirements. Be ready to embrace Walmart-quality cannabis because you’re directly forcing small-batch, living-soil grows out of the game! — Anonymous Brain Squadder


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