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White Paper Finds Pre-Rolls Remain Fastest Growing Product Segment in Cannabis Industry

Drop in wholesale flower prices have made high-quality pre-rolls more affordable.




A new white paper finds that pre-rolls remain the fastest growing product segment in the cannabis industry, growing 12% year-over-year in the US and a blistering 38% year-over-year in Canada.

Custom Cones USA, in partnership with Headset (a Global Cannabis Times Top 100 winner), polled over 300 companies from the pre-roll industry and analyzed retail POS data from Headset, to illustrate why the pre-roll category is one of the leading product categories for cannabis companies.

Notable findings include:

  • Infused pre-rolls are the fastest-growing segment in the pre-roll industry in both the US and Canada. In Canada, they have seen a remarkable year-on-year growth of 1,426%, while in the US, the growth rate is 22%. Mixed strain pre-rolls and disposable vape pens are also experiencing significant growth.
  • The data shows a nearly 400% increase in multi-pre-roll packs with volumes of 2 or 5 grams since 2021, indicating growing demand for these products.
  • The pre-roll industry has benefited from the availability of higher quality pre-rolls at lower retail prices. Wholesale flower prices have dropped, making high-quality pre-rolls more affordable. Advancements in manufacturing technology have also led to lower labor costs and increased production. This combination has resulted in strong growth for the category.
  • Pre-rolls demonstrate the least amount of price compression compared to other cannabis products in the US and Canada. In Canada, the popularity of infused pre-rolls has driven up their average cost, as customers are willing to pay more for potency.

The full white paper is available HERE.



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