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Grow Your Cash Flow Using Data Analytics from Third Parties

Headset and CASA partner to optimize dispensary performance across the United States.




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Are you struggling with inventory or are your spreadsheets just not telling you what you need to know about your business? Advanced sales analysis  and inventory data help dispensaries generate more revenue.

Seattle-based Headset, a leading cannabis data and market intelligence solution platform, has teamed up with CASA, a cannabis retail procurement and inventory managed service provider, to help dispensaries improve their revenue and efficiencies through data-driven strategies.

The partnership will bring together CASA’s retail experts with Headset’s data services to provide dispensaries with in-depth sales, market, and competitor data analysis, alongside proven procurement and inventory practices. Combined with CASA’s years of experience operating highly successful dispensaries across the U.S., the companies’ collaboration will help retailers to optimize procurement, inventory and sales strategies. CASA professionals, working as part-time members of the retail team, will analyze sales and inventory data to help dispensaries generate more revenue.

Cy Scott, Founder and CEO of Headset, believes that retailers must ensure they are optimizing every dollar, even in a good market, and that the partnership with CASA removes the burden of improving back-of-house strategies. “Retailers make the industry possible for all of us, and it is important to provide them with the tools needed to succeed now and in the future,” he said.

Founded in 2022, CASA is an experienced team of dispensary procurement managers and analysts looking to help dispensaries improve their business operations without taking on the cost of a full-time employee. Using their expertise, CASA supports dispensaries nationwide with industry experience in both new and mature markets.

For more information about Headset, visit here.  For more about CASA, visit their website.




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