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Tips on making your business sparkle during the dog days of summer



DISPLAY The shift of seasons is a great time to spruce up your windows, product displays and other parts of the store with summer touches (or winter accents if you are in the Southern Hemisphere). Challenge your staff to conceptualize a breezy summer window or in-store display featuring a beach scene or similar theme. Once the display is up, add a mini-chalkboard listing the winning designer’s name.

STAFF Pop for a mani-pedi day for your employees—including the dudes! In addition to team building, a trip to the salon for some personal grooming will make your staff feel clean and well-cared for with batteries recharged. And your customers are sure to react positively to floor staff who sparkle right down to the tips of their nails.

HABITS How we finish the day is as important as how we start it. Institute a closing ritual for yourself that keeps you focused and sane during harried times. Know when to stop working. Try to end your workday the same way each day with certain desk-clearing tasks. For example, straighten your actual desk. Make tomorrow’s to-do list. Write down the best idea you had all day.



SECURITY Test your security system and staff response to an emergency, setting up an emergency drill schedule if you don’t have one already. Consult your security vendors and service providers for help in testing systems and preparing staff for how to handle a robbery, fire or other dangerous event.

RESEARCH Ever shop the competition? If not, start making it a practice to visit other dispensaries in your area, as well the websites of your closest competitors in cannabis. Look for more than just prices—register how other stores display product and handle customers. Assign staff to take fact-finding tours of your rivals’ shops on different days of the week.


OPERATIONS Prep your business for the fall and winter. Stock up not just on inventory but also on supplies you need in your store. When the days start getting shorter and busier, the last thing you’ll want to do at the end of work is run an errand for some item you could have bought in bulk earlier.

MARKETING Use the dog days of summer to build up your online photo and video galleries, on your own website and for social media. Post videos showing how to roll a joint, select the right product for dosage and effect, and other educational content.


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