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How to Handle the Aftermath of Valentine’s Day and More To-Do Lists

Create a “bounce-back” incentive flyer with a special coupon or offer that’s available only in March.






DISPLAY Valentine’s Day is a time for your lower-end merchandise to shine—it’s the gift-giving holiday with one of the lowest average spends by shoppers, never exceeding $200 on average at retail. Prepare for the big day by setting up a Valentine-themed showcase with lower-priced items to simplify the buying for customers.

AFTERCARE How you handle the aftermath of a big shopping date like Valentine’s Day is a big deal. Create a “bounce-back” incentive flyer with a special coupon or offer that’s available only in March. Place it in the bag with all Valentine’s Day purchases. After Valentine’s Day, make sure to adjust your displays back to normal, ASAP.

MARKETING Send birthday cards to your best customers so they arrive one week before their birthdays—“Wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday.” This way, your card stands out and won’t get lost in all the birthday wishes that people get on their special day.

STORE Nothing makes a more immediate impact on your store’s floor appeal than a lighting upgrade. Bring in a consultant for a day. With their help, you may be able to upgrade to the latest LEDs and make other changes to turn shadowy dead spots into sparkling showcases for product and promo materials.



GIFT CARDS The next wave of holidays and milestone events (Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation) lies ahead. Get creative with gift cards by creating your own store cash or invest in higher production card quality. Studies show the return is better when you stray from the standard discount card.

EVENTS The 95th Academy Awards show airs on March 12. Host an Oscar-viewing party for staff and customers—consider making it exclusive and fancy to match the vibe of Hollywood’s big night.

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