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Editor’s Note: Flunking the Turing Test

I asked AI to write this editor’s note. It didn’t go so well.




ChatGPT, write an editor’s note about cannabis brand-building, our cover subject Kristi Palmer of Kiva Confections and cannabis tourism in Thailand.

As the global perception and legal status of cannabis continue to evolve, it is important to stay informed about the emerging cannabis brands and the shifting regulatory environments around the world. This editor’s note aims to shed light on two distinct subjects: cannabis brands, with a specific focus on Kiva Confections, and the current state of cannabis in Thailand.

Okay, STFU, robot. Enough. Stop.

The hype around AI is relentless but as we can see, the technology has a ways to go before it replaces the human touch. But that doesn’t mean AI can’t be a useful tool and in this issue, Von Dellinger and David Belsky tell us how.

This is also our big Brand House issue and Tom Adams has his brilliance all over it. Tom’s deep dive into the brand strategies of companies tracked by BDSA is a must-read for anyone interested in the current state of the industry. His interview with the delightful and insightful Kristi Palmer is just icing on the infused cake.

Our other main focus this issue is near to my heart. I lived in Thailand in the 1990s and early 2000s. I know people who did hard time in Thai prison for ganja possession. How times have changed! Brad Cheng gives us the lowdown on a remarkable reversal of cannabis policy and a terrific profile of Bangkok’s Amsterdam Café. Meanwhile, Dennis Walker recently hit the sois in the Thai capital looking to score and gives us his fascinating report.
Get lit!


5 Smart Tips From This Issue

  1. Host a book-signing event at your store or start a staff book club for Book Lovers Day (Big Dates, p12)
  2. Make a plan to teach each store staff member an important skill one-on-one in the next few weeks. (Planning Calendar, p12)
  3. Do you sell digital gift cards on your website? They may not sell well until the holidays but the time to start promoting them is now. (Planning Calendar, p12)
  4. Is it your instinct to lash out or quietly fume at adversity? Take a tip from the Stoics and chill the eff out. (Tip Sheet, p46)
  5. Ever wonder what a lounge experience would add to your retail business? Here are some of the very best from around the globe. (Benchmarks, p50)

Damon Poeter is the editor-in-chief of Global Cannabis Times, produced by SmartWork Media. Damon has had a decades-long career in journalism and publishing, including stints at, Venture Beat, Extreme Tech, Ziff Davis, United Business Media, The Nation, the San Francisco Chronicle, Japan Times and the Gilroy Dispatch.



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