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Catching Up with CanEx Jamaica Founder Douglas Gordon

3 QUESTIONS: The host of Jamaica’s premier cannabis conference has made his business expo a must-attend event—this year it runs from Sept. 15-17 in Montego Bay.




CanEx Jamaica founder Douglas Gordan is helping industry leaders build connections in ganja’s Caribbean home base. PHOTO CREDIT: CanEx Jamaica

CanEx Jamaica kicked off Thursday at the Montego Bay Convention Center in Montego Bay, Jamaica and runs through Sept. 17. In our Fall 2022 issue, Global Cannabis Times poised 3 Questions to CanEx Jamaica founder, Douglas Gordon.

1. How did CanEx Jamaica begin?
We started CanEx in 2016 just after legalization in Jamaica. Our goal was to connect the nascent legal market in Jamaica with the global community. We want to help bridge gaps and facilitate connections that develop and support the relationships, partnerships and investments that are going to build the industry. We’re happy to host industry leaders from around the world in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica.

2. What’s the legal picture in Jamaica?
Cannabis in Jamaica has been decriminalized for defined personal quantities and use, as well as being legal for “medicinal” use, which
requires a recommendation at a local dispensary. The industry is evolving and there have been advances in the process of securing these medical recommendations to make it more straightforward. I expect this will continue to evolve as the industry grows and there is wider acceptance of the health benefits and important role cannabis can play in the country’s overall health and productivity.

3. At this year’s CanEx Jamaica golf tournament, you’re offering a $1 million prize for a hole-in-one. Can you advise us on how quickly a person can learn to play golf?
The beauty of a “hole-in- one” prize is that while the odds are significantly in favor of those who have good control of their clubs and swing, it also offers an opportunity to someone who may not really know what they’re doing … but on the day has that “lucky swing!” I have owned golf clubs for a very long time and guess what— I still question whether it is appropriate to say that I can play golf!

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Words of note from thought leaders, newsmakers, and influencers in the cannabisphere.



“When I’m governor, we will legalize marijuana and expunge the records of those arrested for marijuana possession. We’ll use the nearly $1 billion in new state revenue and reduced criminal justice costs to invest in public schools and reduce property taxes.”
— Beto O’Rourke, candidate for Texas governor


“Together we will work on getting women into rooms with investors, investment presentations and high net worth networking circles.”
— Women Grow president Gia Morón, announcing a partnership between her advocacy group and Benzinga to promote women at cannabis events and conferences


“We truly have a unique opportunity to change the narrative around cannabis, empower rising entrepreneurs and set a new standard in this growing industry.”
— Basketball legend Chris Webber on the launch of his Players Only luxury cannabis brand



“We get people buying it from 10am until we close. It’s been eye-opening to say the least.”
— Koh Samui beach club owner Carl Lamb, who added flower to his bar menu after Thailand decriminalized cannabis


“What frustrates me is the exclusion of communities that have been most persecuted by the prohibition of marijuana. They are not represented in the billion-dollar industry that continues to grow and have influence in the same way that alcohol does.”
— U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) on why he supports SAFE Banking Plus federal banking reform legislation that assists cannabis operators and includes criminal justice reform provisions


“My own working assumption is that even post-federal legalization, states will retain pretty broad discretion over their cannabis programs.”
— Wana Brands CEO Nancy Whiteman telling GCT’s Jon Purow why she’s not anticipating a single, nationwide standard for selling cannabis products in the foreseeable future



“The benefits of legalizing for the economy would be immense. It is conservatively estimated that in Germany alone, the state could make €4.7 billion [US$4.73 billion] in raised taxes each year from cannabis.”
— Prohibition Partners lead analyst Conor O’Brien on opening more legal adult-use markets in the European Union



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