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Wyld Announces Solventless, Climate Neutral Certified Good Tide Edibles

Environmentally responsible edibles to launch in Oregon, California and Colorado in fall 2022.




The extraction of cannabinoids using polar solvents like isopropanol, or non-polar solvents like butane, results in waste destructive to the environment. Committed to creating a more sustainable future, Wyld is using solvent-less hash rosin to create its new Good Tide edibles. CCE BY DRACONIS

A little bit, or a little bite, can go a long way toward saving the environment. Wyld, the first cannabis family of brands to be Climate Neutral Certified, announced it is using solvent-less hash rosin for its new line of Good Tide edibles.

According to Gaiaca, a licensed California cannabis waste management company, cannabis extraction requires the use of harsh solvents, including propane, ethanol, butane and isopropyl alcohol, which leech into sewers and water supplies and into the environment as airborne VOC emissions. By using rosin produced by a process that eschews solvents, Wyld hopes their Good Tide gummies will help turn the tide of global warming.

A preview of the logo for Clackamas, OR-based Wyld’s new Good Tide gummies.

“Not only does Good Tide perfectly complement Wyld’s current offerings, it meets our sustainability initiatives,” said Wyld CEO Aaron Morris. “This brand is Climate Neutral Certified, produced with a carbon neutral footprint, 100% renewable energies, and comes with a customized plastic-free, fully recyclable and compostable packaging.”

The company says Good Tide gummies deliver a true-to-plant high. The solvent-less rosin preserves naturally occurring terpenes and minor cannabinoids for a full spectrum experience. Vegan Good Tide gummies are flavored with real fruit and come in mango, guava and pineapple varieties.

Wyld, a leading edibles brand in the U.S. with an expanding presence in Canada, will launch its Good Tide edibles brand in Oregon, California and Colorado markets in fall 2022.


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