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Top PR Firm: Twitter Ads a “Groundbreaking Opportunity” for Generating Buzz

New York advertising leader, 5WPR, says social media site’s policy change in policy lets cannabis companies lean into the power of brand.




The team at 5WPR stays on top of rapid changes in policies and legalization in cannabis, navigating the intricacies of working within the industry. PHOTO 5WPR

While federal, state and regional guidelines still cripple businesses from advertising the sale of cannabis, Twitter made news this month as the first social media site to allow ads for approved cannabis products. The policy change is the first of its kind on social media and will allow paid support of ads in the U.S. for regulated THC and CBD products, accessories and services.

Seeing the opportunity as a powerful first step in building brand awareness with new audiences, 5WPR, a top 10 public relations company in the U.S., announced the expansion of its services to make registers sing for its cannabis and THC clients. The New York-based, full-service PR agency, employing 300, is known for its cutting-edge campaigns and serving clients in B2C, B2B, public affairs, crisis communications and digital marketing.

“This move by Twitter is such a big win for the cannabis industry – it gives cannabis companies the ability to lean into the power of brand,“ communicating a lifestyle, a perspective, and ownable moments in their consumers’ lives,” said Paul Miser, 5WPR EVP, Digital. “With Twitter making the first move in allowing ads in the cannabis industry, we’re keeping our eyes out for other social platforms who may begin to lift certain restrictions.”

Four years ago, 5WPR began supplying its services to the cannabis sector. 5WPR says its CBD and cannabis division has experienced unprecedented growth year-over-year, attracting clients across the agency’s consumer, corporate, and technology divisions. Clients in the space offer a range of product categories including skincare, pet products, edibles, wellness, sleep aids, food and beverages, cannabis delivery services and consultancy services for cannabis start-ups.

“Since the launch of our CBD and cannabis division in 2018, our team has stayed on top of the rapid changes in policies and legalization, navigating the intricacies of working within the industry,” said 5WPR Co-CEO, Dara A. Busch. “The ability to advertise on Twitter is a groundbreaking opportunity for our clients, and will completely revamp how we’re able to support our direct-to-consumer brands, in addition to hopefully setting a precedent for other social.”




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