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Top Six Autoflowers That Will Be Cash Crops in Your Store

Stocking the kinds of competion-winning strains the American Autoflower Cup awards can add prestige and profits to your shelves.




The attendees to the American Autoflower Cup 2023 in Los Angeles included Cali’s cannabis culture elite. PHOTO AMERICAN AUTOFLOWER CUP

The American Autoflower Cup, judged by Cali’s cannabis culture elite, this week named the best autoflowering sativa and indica strains being bred in the state. Gaining national notoriety as a showcase of the potential of autoflower varieties, this year’s winners of American Autoflower Cup awards are strains that can add prestige and profits to your shelves.

After being vetted by the expert judge panel, it was required for all entries to undergo rigorous testing, involving the calculation of cannabinoids and terpenes, in addition to detected heavy metals and mould amongst other things. In January 23′ the tests were undertaken by a verified laboratory from California called Encore Labs. The full panel R&D lab tests were performed; resulting in 5 disqualifications.

The judges said they were incredibly impressed by the quality of the entries, many boasting THC levels surpassing 20%, some even exceeding 29%. The award ceremony took place at LA’s Green Street Cannabis Event & Business Epicenter, where entertainment and cannabis was offered to all guests.

Towards the end of the night, finalists from each division were named:

Sativa Category:

First place – Fast Buds Strawberry Gorilla, Grower: Ryan G., a.k.a. Freegrow8

Second place – Fast Buds Gorilla Punch, Grower: James Z.


Third place – Twenty20 Durban Sunrise, Seedbank: Twenty20, Grower: Adam

Indica Category:

First place – Fast Buds Banana Purple Punch, Grower: Dereck S.l

Second place – Master Sensei Genetics Alien Smoothie, Grower: Russ H.

Third place– Night Owl Marathon OG, Grower: Maxwell Pharms Best breeder: Mephisto Genetics

The American Autoflower Cup sets a high bar for cannabis competitions, building reputations and opening doors for growers, while keeping a scorecard on strains for businesses watch for.




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