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New Hampshire Enacts Cannabis Reforms

Governor Chris Sununu signs HB 611, easing medical cannabis access, exploring state-controlled sales, and setting THC limits for hemp products.




A recent bill passed in New Hampshire brings significant changes to the state’s approach to cannabis, affecting therapeutic access, potential sales systems, and hemp product regulations.

Governor Chris Sununu signed HB 611 into law Tuesday, marking a key moment for cannabis legislation in the state. The bill, relative to eligibility criteria for the therapeutic cannabis program, establishes a commission to study state-controlled sales of cannabis, and regulates the sale of hemp products containing certain levels of THC.

“New Hampshire has an opportunity to safely regulate the sale of marijuana with a model few others can provide,” said Sununu in a statement. “By establishing a commission to study state-controlled sales, this bill will bring stakeholders from across New Hampshire together to ensure that preventing negative impacts upon kids remains our number one priority.”

The bill’s amendment of the eligibility criteria for the therapeutic cannabis program removes the requirement for severe pain sufferers to exhaust other treatment options before qualifying for therapeutic cannabis. This adjustment aims to make access more feasible for patients dealing with severe pain.

Additionally, the legislation’s establishment of a commission comprising various stakeholders is tasked with investigating the viability of implementing a state-controlled system for cannabis sales to adults aged 21 and above. Their focus will be on distribution control, preventing underage access, marketing restrictions, retail outlet limitations, and competitive pricing without additional taxes.

The bill also introduces a prohibition on the sale of hemp-derived products containing THC levels surpassing 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis, encompassing variants like delta-8 and delta-9 THC. This move aims to standardize THC content in hemp products to align with specified limits.


Even with some 70% of residents in support of cannabis legalization, Global Cannabis Times reported in May, the “Live Free, or Die” State remains the only piece of New England that hasn’t yet done so.




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