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Eden Pharma Builds World’s Largest Cannabis Development Site in Uganda 

5,000-acre site to employ all Ugandans after completion of project shepherded by noted author and cannabis-writer, Martin Booth




The lush landscape of Uganda has been chosen by London’s Eden Pharma as the site for the cannabis company to build the world’s largest cannabis development site. PHOTO NINA R CC BY 2.0

London-based Eden Pharma Ltd has recently acquired a 5,000-acre site in Uganda for cannabis research and development. Fully licensed by the Ugandan government for the production of CBD and cannabis for the global market, it is believed to be the largest cannabis facility in the world.

The venture is projected to increase the GDP of Uganda by 3 percent, according to a documentary about the venture in production titled: “The Garden of Africa.”

“This latest venture by Eden Pharma involves building a community for the local people. It will create jobs, boost the local economy, and increase quality of life. This community will include infrastructure such as research labs, pharmacies and an airport,” says a spokesperson for Eden Pharma.“The Company wants to employ 100% Ugandan people within 3 years after completion of the Eden Uganda project.”

Founded by author Martin Booth

Eden Pharma limited, established in 2017 by noted writer and author of  works on cannabis, Martin Booth, is now the world’s 12th largest medical marijuana company by market cap, the company’s valuation standing at over $860 million.Ed Eden Pharma Company is the U.K.’s, Europe’s and Africa’s largest licensed marijuana company by market capitalisation.

Eden Pharma is creating a luxury brand of CBD products for health and wellness products that primarily include CBD or other holistic compounds.  According to the company, the site is expected to produce important research on cannabis and the industry.

“The joint venture in Uganda has opened up Eden Pharma to significant development opportunities that will solidify the years of hard work Eden’s team has put into it. Eden Pharma will be an exceptional vertically integrated Company delivering for its customers and stakeholders alike,” a company spokesperson says.




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