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Charlotte’s Web Chooses Tilray to Create Its CBD Line for Canadian Families

Agreement with Ontario’s Tilray includes the licensing, manufacturing, quality control, marketing and distribution of Charlotte’s Web products.




The seven Stanley brothers were inspired to grow their company and bring CBD as a wellness treatment to others by Charlotte Figi’s positive response to their CBD — her story focusing national attention on the cannabis extract. PHOTO CREDIT: CHARLOTTE’S WEB

Denver’s Charlotte’s Web and Canadian CPG company Tilray Brands are partnering to bring Charlotte’s Web CBD products to Canada. For the first time, Canadians will have nationwide availability to the CBD brand — with Tilray on board as the licensed manufacturer and distributor of Charlotte’s Web across Canada. Charlotte’s Web extracts had previously only been available as an import to Canadian families that qualified for a special access medical exemption through Health Canada.

“This is a monumental milestone for our Canadian families that have relied on Charlotte’s Web products for years through Health Canada exemption access and marks a new era of wide availability to Charlotte’s Web products,” said Jared Stanley, Co-Founder and COO of Charlotte’s Web.

The agreement with Ontario’s Tilray includes the licensing, manufacturing, quality control, marketing and distribution of Denver-headquartered Charlotte’s Web products. Under the arrangement, Tilray will acquire and extract Charlotte’s Web proprietary hemp biomass — harvested from Canadian-grown hemp cultivars — and manufacture into it into final product at their production facilities in Canada. Quality and manufacturing by Tilray will follow the same proprietary methods and specifications Charlotte’s Web employs in the USA.

“It was critical that our products were produced only using our proprietary hemp cultivars to ensure quality, efficacy, and consistency. We achieved this through a process that began in 2019 to successfully list our varieties on the Health Canada LOAC (List of Approved Cultivars) in 2021 and working with best-in-class cultivation partners,” said Stanley.

Establishing Charlotte’s Web’s supply chain and distribution in Canada also prepares for the contemplated introduction of new natural health products regulations and potential ability to sell CBD products through traditional pharmacies in Canada.

“This underscores our strategic expansion into international markets with leading domestic partners by leveraging well-established infrastructure, co-production, and route-to-market capabilities,” said Jacques Tortoroli, Chief Executive Officer of Charlotte’s Web.




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