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Wisconsin Cannabis Retailer Sees Green Roll In Hosting Girl Scouts

Black-owned Herbal Aspect sweetens its place in its community helping sell the other kind of Girl Scout Cookies.




Black Girl Magic Troop #8608 chats with Herbal Aspect Co-Founder Alan Robinson during their visit to Madison, WI on March 2. PHOTO HERBAL ASPECTS

“We believe that education is key. By having open and honest conversations about cannabis, we can reduce stigma and promote responsible consumption.”

— Alan Robinson, co-founder of Herbal Aspect


A key to growth for your business is laying down roots in your community along with your grass. A little good will and participation in community build’s your name and business. In Madison, WI, Alan Robinson, co-founder of Herbal Aspect sweetened his community presence by sharing two of his storefronts with Girl Scouts troops pitching in with the 111-year-old youth organization for girls’ cookie-selling tradition.

Black Girl Magic Troop #8606 and the LGBTQ+ Troop #7729 visited Herbal Aspect’s retail locations at 3547 University Ave and 2017 Winnebago St. in the city that plays home to the University of Wisconsin.  On March 4th, sales of Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties hit the sidewalk in front of the Black-owned cannabis company and will continue throughout the remainder of the month. Additional event information can be found on Herbal Aspect’s website,

A focus on education

“It’s important for us to provide a safe and educational space for our community, including our youth,” says Robinson. “We recognize the importance of responsible cannabis consumption, storage, and education, especially when it comes to keeping children safe and aware.”


Herbal Aspect encourages parents and guardians to talk to their children about cannabis. The Girl Scouts learned about cannabis and its effects during their visit, as well as honed their entrepreneurial skills as purveyors of America’s favorite sidewalk-sweeties sale.  While inside, adults over 21 could join Herbal Aspect’s monthly subscription program and be delivered its Herbal Aspect Delta 8 THC Brownie Mix.

For more information, please contact Herbal Aspect at



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