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Trilogene Seeds Advances Targeted Sequencing for Next-Gen Breeding

Trilogene Seeds’ new DNA panel retrieves information about 120 genes of interest in the cannabis plant




Trilogene Seeds is an award-winning cannabis genetics company based in Longmont, CO that specializes in breeding and development of unique feminized hemp cultivars. PRNEWSFOTO/TRILOGENE SEEDS

The cannabis genetics team at Trilogene Seeds reports being at the validation stage of developing a next-generation sequencing solution for cannabis genetic improvement.

The diecious nature of cannabis’ (the plant consisting of separate sexes) contributes to a high levels of genetic variability, which makes genetic stabilization for cultivation complicated, time and money consuming. Longmont, CO.-based Trilogene Seeds is focused on accurately targeting genes of interest and accelerating breeding for commercial cannabis cultivation.

“When it comes to genetic improvement, cannabis should be treated as corn or soybeans,” says Oussama Badad, Lead geneticist at Trilogene Seeds.

Bottlenecks to targeted sequencing have forced the industry to propagate through cloning, leading to a fast spread of pests and diseases across commercial facilities and diminishing genetic diversity. Trilogene Seeds’ advanced phase of validation for sequencing using DNA hybridization to retrieve information about 120 genes of interest in the cannabis plant such as cannabinoids, terpenoids, fatty acids, protein content in seed and bast fiber. The 12k probes are designed based on the reference genome to retrieve information from the functional part of genes and to retrieve promoter regions to study Cis element involved in gene expression.

“This panel will allow breeders to make decisions very early in the breeding program without a need to grow to maturity, flower dry and phenotype to select and stabilize varieties.”, says Matt Haddad, CEO/Founder of Trilogene Seeds. “We are committed to accelerating the development of this complex plant.”

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