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Leading Cannabis Wholesale Platform Nabis Partners with The Parent Company

Exclusive distribution partnership will take TPCO owned-brands like Monogram, Caliva, Marley Natural and Mirayo by to more California dispensaries.




The leadership team of Nabis is seen at their headquarters in San Francisco. Nabis is a fully-licensed cannabis wholesale platform with the largest portfolio of cannabis brands in the world, supplying 100% of California’s dispensaries and delivery services. PHOTO COURTESY NABIS

Nabis, the leading California cannabis wholesale platform, announced this week its distribution partnership with The Parent Company (TPCO). Francisco-based Nabis’ wholesaling platform supports over 200 brands and supplies the entire network of state-licensed dispensaries. Nabis will use the long-arm of its distribution network to bolster the presence of TPCO’s best-selling products, including Mirayo by Santana, Jay-Z’s Monogram, Bob Marley’s Marley Natural, Caliva and 13 other TPCO-owned brands.

University of Virginia and Harvard University-trained software engineers Vince Ning, left, and Jun S. Lee, co-founded and lead California’s cannabis wholesaling platform, Nabis. PHOTOS COURTESY NABIS

Founded in 2018 by serial tech entrepreneurs Vince C. Ning and Jun S. Lee, Nabis has expanded it reach through proprietary technology and a solid fulfillment infrastructure. Prior to starting Nabis, Ning began his career as an engineer at Microsoft before founding a software company called Scaphold, which was later acquired by Amazon. Lee started as an engineer at Facebook before founding an artificial intelligence company called Allganize.

Partnering for industry stability

Nabis provides delivery, warehousing, payment processing, financing, data analytics and sales and marketing services to brands and retailers. Prior to partnering with Nabis, TPCO relied on self-distribution to serve its eleven retail locations and six delivery hubs.

“As the global economy and cannabis market continue to experience recessionary turmoil, it is important that infrastructural foundations of the cannabis industry continue to partner closely to ensure stability for the broader industry,” said Ning, Co-CEO and co-founder of Nabis.

Faster delivery allows managed purchases

Bringing together two of the largest cannabis companies in California also creates efficiencies for retailers, which will receive TPCO’s portfolio of brands with 2-day shipping turnaround times — as well as a streamlined transactional process. Retailers will be able to purchase smaller order sizes more frequently, to optimize their cash flow and storage space onsite.


“We are excited to be the exclusive wholesaling partner for The Parent Company,” said Ning. “Their world-class team’s dedication to technology as a way to lower costs, and devotion to bringing the best quality products to market, mirrors Nabis’ long-term investments in our innovative platform that connects brands with retailers, giving consumers better access to legal cannabis products.”



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