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Texas Original Introduces Fast-Acting Sweet Dreams CBN Sleep Gummy

Texas-based medical cannabis provider’s first product containing the minor cannabinoid CBN, known for its sedative properties.




Texas Original’s Sweet Dreams gummies are its first medical cannabis product specifically designed to help those suffering from sleep disorders. PHOTO BUSINESSWIRE

As more cannabinoids take the spotlight among products, Texas Original, a leading medical cannabis provider, announced its first product containing the minor cannabinoid CBN, known for its sedative properties.

“Sleep is the bedrock of our health. But for many, sleep is often disrupted or damaged by the effects of PTSD, cancer and other debilitating conditions,” said Morris Denton, CEO of Texas Original. “We want to make sure every patient who struggles with sleep has several high-quality, trusted medical cannabis options to rely on.”

The new line of gummies are intended for medical cannabis patients suffering from insomnia, night terrors or poor sleep from medical conditions. They also contain terpenes—active chemical compounds that provide therapeutic effects for patients.

The vegan-friendly Sweet Dreams sleep gummy will be available to Texas’ patient network in October. The Sweet Dream gummies come in 30-count packages formulated with 5 mg of CBN, 10 mg of THC and targeted rest terpenes in each gummy.

Nanoemulsion tech for fast onset

Texas Original reports performing multiple trials to ensure the gummy’s effects and efficacy meet strict levels of quality and consistency. Texas Original gummy products are crafted with nanoemulsion technology for a faster onset time. Patients can expect to feel the initial treatment effects as soon as 15 minutes after consumption.

“One of the most important tenets of our production process is consistency. Patients suffering from sleep-related symptoms can count on our products to be the same week after week—to make sure that every night’s sleep is a good night’s sleep,” says Kelly Roland, president of Texas Original.


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