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It’s the Humidity: Salt-Formula Containers Preserve Precious Trichomes

New-to-Market Boveda Closure system utilizes “Original Terpene Shield” tech to safeguard your cannabis flower products.




A specialist in humidity controlled containers for a range of products – from cigars to violins – Boveda teamed with pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer Drug Plastics & Glass Co. to create child-proof and senior-friendly cannabis packaging with a proprietary humidity solution that preserves hemp and cannabis. PHOTO BOVEDA.COM

Boveda, a maker of two-way humidity control solutions for cigars, musical instruments and other items — including cannabis shipments — today announced the launch of its “Boveda Closure System” — child-safe packaging containers that protect the delicate balances of fresh flower.

For retailers in the competitive cannabis market, the benefits of the Boveda Closure system are multifold, says the company. The proprietary, all-natural saturated salt solution embedded in the Boveda Closure jar cap creates a monolayer of purified water molecules around plant trichomes, locking in terpenes and other volatiles. The technology not only preserves flower character, flavor, potency, and aroma, but also is a packaging solution that helps protect a brand’s reputation and bottom line.

Boveda partnered with Drug Plastics & Glass Co. of Boyertown, PA — a supplier of pharmaceutical-grade containers for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cannabis industries — to develop its Closure system. The new containers, available for wholesale purchase, build safety and efficiency into packaging for flower retailers and brands.

“We have been working closely with DPG since the initiation of this project, to present a next level solution to the marketplace with sustainability and safety in mind,” said Jayson Drake, vice president of product management at Boveda.

The dynamic design of the containers integrate Boveda’s “Original Terpene Shield” sachets, comprising a patented formula that preserves medical cannabis. Each sachet contains four grams of Boveda’s most widely used, cannabis-specific formula designed to maintain 62% relative humidity. Together, the result is a CP package which complies with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements and offers advanced cannabis flower protection and preservation. The Boveda Closure made its industry debut at MJBizCon in Las Vegas this week. Made in the USA with FDA-approved materials, the Boveda Closure is child resistant and senior-friendly.

The Boveda Closure passed CPSC requirements when combined with 1, 3.5, and 7 gram plastic jars manufactured by Drug Plastics. The jars can be manufactured with post-consumer recycled materials. For more information on the Boveda Closure, call 952-745-2900, email, or visit




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