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HEXO Increases Production of Its Popular Straight Edge Pre-Rolls

Expanded capacity will accelerate delivery of HEXO’s products for the Redecan Redees and Original Stash lines.




Redees by Redecan are a premium 0.4 a pre-roll experience. Designed with an extra-long filter, tightly packed and offered in a convenient 10-pack, Redees are the original machine straight-roll personal sized pre-roll. PHOTO HEXO

HEXO (TSX: HEXO)(NASDAQ: HEXO) announced it has expanded its straight edge pre-roll production capacity at the company’s Fenwick, Ontario site. The development allows HEXO to increase production capacity and accelerate the delivery of its immensely popular Redecan Redees products. The Redecan Redees straight edge pre-roll is HEXO’s premium pre-roll product and Canada’s largest selling pre-roll.

The new production capabilities also includes plans for Redecan Redees in HEXO’s higher potency TnT cannabis strain series and also expanding HEXO’s Original Stash brand. The company says consumers have reacted positively to the new format and strains.

“Customers provided great feedback on how we could make the products even better,” says Charlie Bowman, President and CEO of HEXO, ranked #21 among Global Cannabis 50 companies. “We used this feedback to develop a new generation of straight edge pre-rolls exclusively for the new Redecan Redees and other HEXO brands.”

Redecan Redees pre-rolls also now feature a unique inhalation technology, developed through comprehensive consumer research and feedback. Incorporating the new proprietary technology allows an enhanced draw and intake, further heightening the consumer experience.

“As the Canadian cannabis market continues to evolve, expanding our straight edge pre-roll capacity was essential to strengthen HEXO’s market leadership,” added Bowman. “This increased capacity allows HEXO to provide our new TnT strain series in straight edge pre-roll format, while offering a broader price range and new product innovations.”

For more information, visit HEXO’s website.




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