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Gov. DeWine Urges Quick Revisions to Ohio’s New Marijuana Law

Says measures to safeguard minors and manage public use need tweaking.




Following Ohio’s vote to legalize recreational marijuana, Gov. Mike DeWine is pressing for immediate legislative adjustments, despite his opposition to Issue 2 prior to the election. DeWine’s proposed changes focus on protecting children from marijuana advertising and edibles, and reducing both intoxicated driving and public exposure to marijuana smoke.

With a 30-day revision period, DeWine seeks to align with the Dec. 7 implementation date set by the ballot initiative, which would lift criminal penalties for marijuana possession.

While DeWine refrained from calling for a repeal, he emphasized respecting both users’ rights and those opposed to exposure, drawing on his personal experience of pervasive marijuana odor in another state,  reports The Ohio Capital Journal.

The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol responded critically, with spokesperson Tom Haren underscoring the need for officials to respect voter decisions.

“I can’t believe in 2023 we’re actually talking about elected officials not respecting the will of the voters and not respecting the outcome of an election,” Haren said.

Although Ohio’s smoking ban includes marijuana smoke, and Issue 2 bans public cannabis use, it allows property owners to set their own policies, potentially leading to consumption venues. The regulation of these spaces will be determined by state regulators within nine months and by municipalities.


Implementation of public consumption bans presents challenges for law enforcement in adult-use states, highlighting resource allocation concerns. The measure, which received 57% support, positions Ohio among 23 states and the District of Columbia with legalized adult-use marijuana.



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