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Boston Hemp Bucks the Cannabinoid Backlash, Taking Its Infused-Hemp Nationwide

Kevin Coyle, one of the owners of the Hanover, MA-based cannabis company, will lead the newly expanded wholesale division.




Boston Hemp is a wholesale seller of infused hemp products. The Massachusetts-based company now plans to sell its cannabinoid-enhanced products across the U.S.. PHOTO BOSTON HEMP

Boston Hemp announced Friday expanding its wholesale business to include territories nationwide. The company based in Hanover, MA., is looking to build on the healthy wholesale- and bulk-sale business it has established in the U.S. Northeastern corridor.

Kevin Coyle, one of Boston Hemp’s owners, will lead the newly expanded wholesale division.

Boston Hemp’s product line includes cannabinoid-infused hemp flower, waxes and concentrates, vapes and edibles. While all their products contain CBD, Boston Hemp has gained a following for those containing the cannabinoids delta-8 THC, HHC and THC-O. Their infused-hemp products have been top sellers in convenience stores and smoke shops, says the company.

The legality of hemp-derived cannabinoids Delta-8, HHC and THC-O is still under the scrutiny of the DEA and federal government. While a U.S. Court of Appeals ruled in favor of delta-8 products being legal, 21 U.S. states have regulated, restricted, or banned delta-8 sales. A trend has recently emerged where states have decided to regulate cannabinoid sales instead of banning them, acknowledging their legal status, according to Research and Markets.

Boston Hemp says it stance on the issue is drawn directly from the 2018 Farm Bill. The agricultural trade law states that hemp and hemp derived products are legal. As the company’s products are all hemp-derived, Boston Hemp considers them still legal under the law.




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