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Bakin’ Not Stirred: Create a Cannabis Cocktail With the Help of an Ancient Herb

Bud Love’s new-to-market cannabis mixers blend in the venerable marshmallow leaf for a smoother, customized smoking experience.




Bud Love’s newly introduced Herbal+Mixers let consumers control the potency, flavor and their smoking experience while making a little cannabis go a long way. PHOTO BUD LOVE

If you’re looking to stretch your stash or find yourself floored by that high-potency hybrid you bought, San Diego’s Bud Love has launched what the company says are the world’s first herbal cannabis mixers. Bud Love’s Premium Herbal+ Mixers are meant to be blended with cannabis flower — like a mixer in a cocktail — allowing customers to craft a smoother, more personalized experience.

“Our inspiration for Bud Love came from the broader shift amongst today’s consumers towards more personalization and control,” says Roy Lipski, CEO, Bud Love.

Most cannabis users in Europe make the good stuff last by rolling “moke,” a blend of tobacco and weed, but the company’s new category-defining product provides a healthier alternative. Premium Herbal+ Mixers are made using marshmallow leaf, an ancient medicinal herb often used as a digestive aid.

Bud Love’s mixers contain no tobacco, nicotine, cannabis or THC. To ensure consistency and purity, they are manufactured in the U.S. using a proprietary solvent-free process. Given a dash of the mother of all cannabinoids, CBG (cannabigerol), the smooth-smoking marshmallow leaves with a mild root flavor are also layered with rich natural flavors, including terpenes.

“Bud Love offers a variety of amazing flavors and appeals to all cannabis users,” says Lipski, “From those wanting to improve their experience, have more control and fewer unwanted side-effects, through to the curious searching for something new.”

Coming in eight flavors, Premium Herbal+ Mixers are designed to complement different cannabis strains: Dutch Treat; Super Lemon Haze; Granddaddy Purple; Tropical Shipwreck; Blackberry Bhang; Apple Scout Cookies; Tobacco Flavor (nicotine-free); and Unflavored (natural).


The newly launched Premium Herbal+ Mixers can currently be purchased at and from smoke shops in Texas and dispensaries in Oklahoma. The mixers come in 1.5 gram resealable pouches (MRP $6.99) and 14 gram reusable tins (MRP $34.99).



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