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Understanding Cannabis Seeds with Jorge Cervantes, Dr. Gary Yates, & Stefan Meyer

We explore some of the different ways to grow cannabis, focusing on seeds.




On the latest episode of The Cannabis Conversation, we’re joined by Jorge Cervantes, Dr. Gary Yates, & Stefan Meyer.

We explore some of the different ways to grow cannabis, focusing on seeds, as well as discussing some of their pros and cons, and we discuss the huge commercial trade in seeds.

The Cannabis Conversation is sponsored by Lumino – a boutique HR and Recruitment Agency specializing in building high performance teams for the European Cannabis Industry. They work in three main verticals: Commercial, Medical and Plant Facing.

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About Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes’ public career spans 39 years. His books and DVDs (50 total) are published under his given name, George F. Van Patten and pseudonym, Jorge Cervantes, in Dutch, English, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Russian, and Spanish.

Self-publisher, Cervantes’ (Indoor) Marijuana Horticulture book was christened “the Grow Bible” in 2000 by indoor, greenhouse and outdoor growers. His knowledge and hands-on experience inspired millions of growers worldwide to apply simple, effective techniques to grow more and better cannabis.

About Dr. Gary Yates

Dr. Gary Yates is a well-rounded plant scientist with experience in nearly all aspects of plant life. Dr. Yates, as a world-class genetic problem solver, offers scientific know-how aspects that are normally lacking in cultivation advice. Dr. Yates also brings to the forefront knowledge of the most recent technology in infrastructure/equipment and scientific advances, as well as pathogen mitigation and pest management. He is an experienced micro-grower and plant health assessor known for his ability to maximize limited resources to produce outcomes that exceed expectations.

Having collected his first harvest over 20 years ago and before embarking on a career in science, Gary has had a keen eye on the progression of the medical use of Cannabis, including its biochemistry, genetic development, and cultivar suitability for many years.

About Stefan Meyer

Stefan Martin Meyer, MBA, was raised in the Italian side of Switzerland, near the city of Lugano. He then moved to Spain, where he co-founded Phytoplant Research SL, which was granted the first research license for medical cannabis in Spain in 2012. While there, he got various R&D grants from the European Union for projects related to cannabinoids and medicine and published results in high-impact scientific journals.

In 2019 Stefan joined Plena Global Holding Inc (Canada) as Chief Strategy Officer, where he has been leading a project licensed to grow medicinal cannabis in Colombia.


In 2020 Stefan founded Phytoflow GmbH, a Swiss-based company providing experience-driven strategic business advice to companies active in the medical cannabis sector.

Stefan has worked with Jorge for over two decades and, like him, is a huge cannabis aficionado.


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About Anuj

I’m Anuj Desai – a lawyer and Head of Commercial Partnerships for Knowde Group – a life sciences CRO and strategic consultancy focused on plant based therapeutics and psychedelics

Please follow The Cannabis Conversation to keep up to date with news and insights from the industry, and get in touch at to discuss how I can help your business move forward in the cannabis sector!




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