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Tapping the Feminine Mystique? Chicago Company Eyes Luxury Cannabis Market for Women

Seeing opportunity in a cannabis space designed for women, Latina-owned Canna Bella Lux intros new women’s wellness flower line.




Luxury women’s brand Canna Bella Lux carries cannabis accessories tailored for women like its glitzy Blazy Susan rose gold rolling tray and its eye-catching Unicorn Dreams 98mm empty pre-roll cones. PHOTO CANNA BELLA LUX

On International Women’s Day, Tiffany Woodman, CEO and Founder of women’s luxury brand Canna Bella Lux, the first Latina-owned, cannabis-focused company in the Illinois, announced expanding the company’s portfolio to include plant products for the first time.

Seeing the need for a physical space where women interested in cannabis and wellness could shop and connect, Woodman founded Canna Bella Lux in 2019. Chicago-based Canna Bella Lux offers pre-roll cones, rolling trays and other cannabis-related merchandise created with Woodman’s signature femme aesthetics. However, until now, the company did not have any plant products in its portfolio. The new line of cannabis products will include pre-rolls, flower, infused teas, edibles and more, all curated for women’s health needs.

Canna Bella Lux has partnered with The 1937 Group, the first minority-owned, vertically-integrated cannabis company in Illinois, to provide all aspects of plant-touching services. The 1937 Group will sources product from the woman-owned cannabis company, Bedford Grow of Illinois, to cultivate exclusive strains focused on terpenes and relief.

Ambrose Jackson, CEO of The 1937 Group, expressed his pride in helping launch one of the nation’s first Latina woman-owned cannabis brands, stating: “This is a true testament to our focus on increasing equity and inclusion in the space. The fact that we could launch this woman-owned, woman-focused brand on International Women’s Day makes it even more beautiful.”

Canna Bella Lux was voted Chicago’s Reader’s Best Cannabis Accessories Boutique in 2022. For more information, visit here.




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