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Root & Bloom Brings Its Own Craft Flower to Massachusetts Market

State-of-the-art cultivation facility brings in-house brand to market after operating as cultivator and extraction partner.




Root & Bloom’s Angry Ginger flower is among the seven strains being brought to market by the Massachusetts-based cultivator and processor. ROOT & BLOOM

Root & Bloom has announced receiving their license to commence operations as a product manufacturer from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (MCCC). Previously working as an extraction partnership with other companies, Root & Bloom enters the craft cannabis market with its own in-house brand, as a manufacturer, extractor and cultivator.

The Salisbury, Mass.-based company has facilities for industrial-scale extraction services for THC and CBD. producing products that meet guidelines required by the MCCC, and compliant with GMP and FDA regulations.

“We are excited to be able to enter the market as we have spent years building up to this point, and it shows in the product,” said Tom Regan, CEO, Root & Bloom. “The flower that we are about to bring to the market is among the best available in Massachusetts, delivered at a fair price.”

The company has received pre-orders from more than 20 Massachusetts dispensaries for its debut of seven branded strains of premium flower in eighths, quarters and pre-rolls: Angry Ginger, Bio Diesel, Chem de la Chem, Cherry Pie OG, Ghost Dawg, Lemon OG Haze,and Wedding Cake.

Root & Bloom’s dispensary partner network includes 40 Massachusetts dispensaries, which it supplies cannabis through its state-of-the-art cultivation and processing facilities. The company also provides a suite of support services its partners, including marketing, customer outreach and brand awareness.

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