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Fizzy THC Releases First-Of-Its-Kind Dissolvable THC Tablets for Beverages

Minnesota cannabis brand creates water-soluble THC tablets.




@ Fizzy THC

Forget the Alka-Seltzer, there’s a new fizzy tablet in town, and its relief is THC.

Fizzy THC’s flagship product–dissolvable tablets for beverages– lets people infuse their favorite beverages with low doses of THC.  Fizzy says its tablets are delta-9, hemp-derived products that are tasteless, odorless, and fast-acting.

“Our dissolvable tablets are great for people who want an alternative to alcohol or who want something different from a cannabis seltzer,” said David Gonzalez-Cameron, CEO of Twin Cities based Fizzy.

With just a glass of water and a Fizzy tablet, consumers can effect to feel effects in as little as 10 minutes, says the company.

In addition to beverage tablets, Fizzy makes THC-infused sugar cubes for hot beverages, teeth-whitening THC mints and gummies.

“Minnesota is on the brink of having a booming cannabis industry. With new legislation, wildly impressive product innovation, and a growing demand, cannabis is going to grow all over the state,” said Gonzalez-Cameron. “These are exciting times and we’re just getting started.”


As was reported in Global Cannabis Times last week, Minnesota is poised to become the 23rd U.S. State to legalize recreational weed.

“I’m ready to sign it into law,” tweeted Gov. Tim Walz on April 20th.



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