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Minnesota Could Now be Just Days Away From Cannabis Legalization

Governor is expected to sign latest bill shortly.




The Minnesota State Capitol Building @ Wiki Commons

Minnesota lawmakers passed a cannabis legalization bill Saturday that brings Minnesota closer to joining the ranks of 22 other states in the nation that have already embraced the legalization of marijuana for adult use.

As Global Cannabis Times reported May 2nd, Gov. Tim Walz has previously stated he’s ready to sign a cannabis legalization bill. “Minnesotans are ready to legalize adult-use cannabis and expunge cannabis convictions in Minnesota,” the Governor said on Twitter on 4/20. “I’m ready to sign it into law.”

If the bill becomes law, adults aged 21 and older will gain the right to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal use, according to a report in Forbes. Under the proposed legislation, individuals will be permitted to have up to two pounds of marijuana in their possession and can grow a limited number of cannabis plants at home.

The bill also outlines a comprehensive framework for the regulation and commercialization of recreational marijuana. A newly established state agency, the Office of Cannabis Management, will be responsible for drafting and implementing regulations to govern the sales and distribution of cannabis products. This agency will also oversee the existing medical marijuana program, which was legalized in Minnesota back in 2014.

In terms of social equity, the bill works toward rectifying injustices caused by decades of cannabis prohibition. It offers opportunities for individuals with prior marijuana-related convictions, as well as their family members, to actively participate in the newly legal cannabis industry. This provision is aimed at addressing the disproportionate impact that cannabis enforcement has had on certain communities.

The legislation also includes measures to expunge past convictions for misdemeanor marijuana offenses and allows for sentence reductions for more serious crimes.





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