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Minnesota Senate Passes Bill To Legalize Recreational Cannabis

Gov. Tim Walz says he’s ready to sign-off on cannabis legalization.




Photo by Minnesota Senate

The Minnesota Senate voted Friday to legalize recreational marijuana for adults.

All Senate Democrats voted yes and all Republicans voted no. The tally was 34 to 33.

Lead author, Democratic Sen. Lindsey Port, was quoted by the AP as saying that “the prohibition of cannabis is a failed system that has not achieved the desired goals and has had incredible costs for our communities, especially for communities of color”.

There are several differences between the Senate bill, SF 73, and the House companion version, HF 100, so a House-Senate committee will need to negotiate differences before final votes in each chamber.

Eligible adults could possess 2 ounces or less of cannabis in public, and 5 pounds or less at home in the Senate bill—a significantly higher amount than the 1.5 pounds limit in the House version.

HF 100 passed on April 25th with a 71-59 vote. Two Republicans joined all but one Democrat in supporting that proposal.


Gov. Tim Walz has previously stated he’s ready to sign a cannabis legalization bill. “Minnesotans are ready to legalize adult-use cannabis and expunge cannabis convictions in Minnesota,” the Governor said on Twitter on 4/20 “ I’m ready to sign it into law.”

Medical marijuana became legal in Minnesota in 2014, and last year the Legislature legalized recreational low-dose, hemp-derived cannabis edibles for adults.

If enacted, Minnesota would become the 23rd U.S. state to legalize cannabis.



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