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Cannaconvo with Ramon Reyes & David Hernandez of Happy Munkey

Jon sits down for a cannaconvo with Ramon Reyes, CCO & Co-Founder, and David Hernandez, Chief Development Officer, at Happy Munkey.




Jon sits down for a cannaconvo with Ramon Reyes, CCO & Co-Founder, and David Hernandez, Chief Development Officer, at Happy Munkey. Their conversation touches upon Happy Munkey’s famous lounge parties, on-site consumption strategy, and the current state of NY regulations.

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About Ramon Reyes:

Ramon Reyes is the CCO and Co-Founder of The Happy Munkey, an internationally known New York City lifestyle company that is synonymous with Cannabis Culture. Ramon is a born and raised native New Yorker of Dominican descent. The youngest of four boys, Ramon grew up in Washington Heights during the heights of the war on drugs. Cannabis became his lifestyle once he experienced his first night, taking him on journeys across the country and around the world. These experiences led him to found The Happy Munkey with his High School friend Vlad Bautista. In their 20+ years together in the legacy business, they’ve created a brand that is not only accessible to people from all walks of life but also stays true to its roots. To Ramon and Vlad, the Cannabis “hustle” and entrepreneurship is not new, it’s use evolving into the legal market and mainstream stage. Ramon oversees all the “behind the scenes” work that helps make The Happy Munkey’s magic happen; he’s responsible for the company’s expanding licensing and merchandising operations, its podcasts, social media and overall look and feel of the brand.

About David Hernandez:

Born and Raised in NYC, David is the Chief Development Officer of Happy Munkey LLC. He has been instrumental in their legacy to legal transition into the cannabis industry, as well as establishing Happy Munkey as the East Coast’s premier cannabis lifestyle brand. In addition to his work with Happy Munkey, David is a passionate cannabis advocate, licensed caregiver, event organizer, photographer, art curator, and community builder, with a love of NFTs, Web3, and AI technology.

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and not those of my law firm Zuber Lawler. Even though I drop knowledge bombs, the show is NOT legal advice.

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