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Cannaconvo with Kristi Palmer, Co-Founder at Kiva Confections

Kiva’s humble beginnings, quality innovative edibles, future dosage trends, and branding.




Jon sits down for a cannaconvo with Kristi Palmer, Co-Founder at Kiva Confections. Their conversation touches upon Kiva’s humble beginnings, quality innovative edibles, future dosage trends, and branding.

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About Kristi Palmer:
Kristi Palmer is the co-founder of Kiva Confections, widely recognized as the global leader in cannabis-infused edibles. In 2010, the edible market was desperately underserved- available products were untested, unlabeled, and inconsistent. To solve this problem, Kristi and Scott Palmer set up shop in the kitchen of Kristi’s childhood home in the Bay Area, California. After working with expert cultivators, certified analytics labs, and a lot of trial and error, Kiva was born. Today, its award-winning chocolates, mints, gummies, and chews are the most trusted, recommended, and sought-after edibles available, with loyal customers throughout hundreds of dispensaries in CA, AZ, NV, MI, IL, OH, OK, MA, HI, and Canada. Kiva Sales & Service, the distribution company Scott and Kristi started to ensure outstanding service to retailers, has similarly expanded to provide additional cannabis brands access to its knowledge, network, and know-how.

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own, and not those of my law firm Zuber Lawler. Even though I drop knowledge bombs, the show is NOT legal advice.

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