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Cannabis Regulation in the UK – Update with Robert Jappie, Partner at Fieldfisher

We explore cannabis regulation in the UK.




On the latest episode of The Cannabis Conversation, we’re joined by Robert Jappie of Fieldfisher – a European Law Firm with a strong Life Sciences practice.

We explore cannabis regulation in the UK, and overcoming opposition in the industry as well as the wider challenges facing the medical cannabis industry, including political support and lack of research and funding.

The Cannabis Conversation is sponsored by Lumino – a boutique HR and Recruitment Agency specialising in building high performance teams for the European Cannabis Industry. They work in three main verticals: Commercial, Medical and Plant Facing.

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About Robert Jappie

Robert Jappie is a partner at Fieldfisher, a European Law Firm with a focus on Life Sciences and Tech industries. He is a Regulatory Lawyer and specialises in emerging Life Sciences sectors, providing regulatory and commercial representation to a range of nascent industries. He has particular expertise in Cannabis Regulation, Psychedelic Medicines, Food/Agri-Tech and Healthcare, and is considered one of the foremost legal authorities in the UK on the UK and European cannabis industry. Robert has advised many of the well-established cannabis companies operating in the UK and EU, and has provided regulatory support for a number of M&A and Capital Markets transactions.


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About Anuj

I’m Anuj Desai – a lawyer and Head of Commercial Partnerships for Knowde Group – a life sciences CRO and strategic consultancy focused on plant based therapeutics and psychedelics

Please follow The Cannabis Conversation to keep up to date with news and insights from the industry, and get in touch at to discuss how I can help your business move forward in the cannabis sector!



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