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What can I do to get more media attention for my business?





What can I do to get more media attention for my business?

GCT STAFF: Good question and you’ve come to the right place. As media ourselves, we know what gets our attention! Here are some things you can do in your efforts to get more press:

Build a Press Kit

A press kit is a quick guide to your business filled with assets that media need to tell your story. A good press kit should include:

  • Hi-res images of your products, people and venues
  • A history of your business including key dates
  • News releases and cites in other media
Make It Easy for Media to Find You

Keep a link to your press kit on your website. Consider putting a link to a “Press Center” landing page on your homepage. Make sure your media and PR people are identified and easy to contact.

Manage Your Story but Don’t Dictate It

Different media outlets have different ways of reporting news and telling stories. You can guide reporters towards the narrative you’d like to convey, but you can’t control their reporting. Hassle them too much and they may spike a story or worse—cast you in a bad light.

Hire a PR Agency

Money is tight but if you have it, consider going with the pros. The good news is, there are now multiple dedicated cannabis PR agencies to choose from.

Tell People Stories

Not just product stories. And not just about your own people—find customers and partners who are willing to talk about you and your business to media.

Write, Talk, Repeat

Often the best way to do something is to do it yourself. Plenty of outlets are looking for experts to write columns, guest on podcasts or speak at events. Put yourself out there if you want attention.

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