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Naturae Debuts New Gummy Line, Jaunty

Multiple flavors of gummies made with 02-extracted cannabis oil coming to NY dispensaries.




Jaunty 1:1 10mg THC and 10mg CBN snoozeberry gummies by Naturae

New York cannabis company Naturae has announced a new addition to its product lineup: Jaunty Gummies, constituting the brand’s first foray into the THC edibles space.

Multiple varieties of Jaunty Gummies will be available in licensed dispensaries throughout the state before the end of April – coinciding with the 4/20 holiday.

Varieties of Jaunty Gummies (all 10 mg THC per serving) include Jaunty Edibles Sour Watermelon; Jaunty Edibles Sweet Peach; and Jaunty Edibles Snoozeberry, formulated for nighttime use and featuring a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBN, the company said.

Jaunty Gummies are the second product to be released by umbrella company Naturae.  The Hoosick Falls, NY located company produces Jaunty utilizing CO2-extracted cannabis oil, considered by many to be the ‘gold standard’ of cannabis extraction method, according to 3C Cannabis Consulting.

“With Jaunty Gummies, we’re continuing to utilize our longstanding extraction expertise, which enables us to deliver a massive value to consumers,” said Nicolas Guarino, CEO of Naturae on April 18th.

As a GMP-certified 100% New York company working in cannabis/hemp extraction since 2017, Naturae is the largest producer of CO2-extracted cannabis oils in the state, the company says. Jaunty Gummies will be available at a shelf price of $24 per 100 mg package (10 gummies).



Thaddeus Flint is the Managing Editor of Global Cannabis Times. He previously worked as a journalist, investigator, and luxury boutique owner. Having lived in NYC, France and Switzerland, he now resides in an off-grid A-frame on a mountain in upstate New York.



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