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More Than Half of Cannabis Pros Say They’ll Negotiate With Customers

But almost as many won’t negotiate.




Do you negotiate with customers on price or otherwise?

YES 51%

  • You really want to make a product accessible to anybody and with that, if they need to negotiate to be able to have access to our products, we are always open. — Davina Kaneohe, Element Apothec, Encino, CA
  • Based on the volume of the order. — Christina Corbin, Green Rush Packaging, Irvine, CA
  • Educate first. Maintain respect. Reciprocation is proven. Know our capabilities. Know our expertise. — Derek Besenius, LabCanna, Nashville, TN
  • Ours are end-retail customers, so we take a lot of care to make sure they’re happy. — Leah Madden, Greenprint Growth Partners, Oakland, CA
  • It really depends on the situation. — Von Dellinger, IHC, Portland, OR
  • As a manufacturer, we have to haggle. — Doug Mancosky, New Bridge Global Ventures, Rome, GA
  • We want to listen, understand what their needs vs. wants are, and take time to digest whatever the offer is. — Matt Storey, Charlotte’s Web, Pflugerville, TX
  • We’ll investigate the issue and if we or our products are at fault we will do what we can to rectify the situation and have the same customer return in the future. — Tyler Ryan, Oasis Cannabis, Las Vegas, NV
  • We go the lowest we can to make the customer happy and earn the business. But sometimes we aren’t comparing apples to apples. — Jonathan Solomon, Proleve, Tampa, FL
  • With vendors, yes. We get multiple quotes to keep them honest. — Jonathan Napoli, The Hempest Dispensary, Northampton, MA
  • There’s always room for compromise. — Melissa Hager, The Herb Shop, Jenkintown, PA

NO 49%

  • We are worth the value so paying fair market is justified. — Chris Coulter, Big Tree, Wichita, KS
  • We try to offer competitive pricing but still need to protect our margins and long-term viability. — Jessa Burgess, Smokey’s, Garden City, CO
  • We aren’t in the position to negotiate with customers regarding our products and services. — Maggie Wilson, Fruit Slabs, Long Beach, CA
  • We don’t usually negotiate price, but if the customer isn’t satisfied we will offer them discounts on future orders or try to do what we can to meet their needs or solve their problem. — Megan Prusynski, Doobie Nights, Santa Rosa, CA

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