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Do You or Don't You Discount?

BRAIN SQUAD SURVEY: Cannabis business owners and top managers share their retailing experiences with GCT.


Offer Frequent Shopper Rewards and/or Discount Programs?

Yes: 51%

  • We offer the Spark Perks membership where the customers can get 20 percent off their second purchase online, 20 percent off accessories at all times and a 20 percent birthday discount. — Rahul Patel, Fire and Flower, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Yes, it’s good for business! — Mary Adams, Culinary Cannabis, Mount Dora, FL
  • Yes. Discounts drive sales and word-of-mouth promotion. — Ryan Jones, Magma, Redwood City, CA
  • Yes, discount programs are key for engagement. — Matt Storey, Charlotte’s Web, Denver, CO
  • Yes. Building brand loyalty and trust is a daily top priority for CAM. — Brendan Gagain, California Artisanal Medicine (CAM), Sacramento, CA
  • We have discounts for large-scale clients that want to book us for multiple events. — Chelsi Katz, Irie Weddings & Events, Denver, CO
  • We offer a wide variety of shopper rewards with loyalty programs, QR codes and more. — Vince Cortese,, Bradford Woods, PA
  • Yes, we have a program where we offer 5 cents back per every subtotal dollar, which the customer can use like cash towards a future subtotal with us. — Andrea Rowe, Swade Cannabis,St. Louis, MO
  • Yes, we have a loyalty points program. — Sam Ukpedinjagba, MyCannabisPlus, Las Cruces, NM
  • Yes, loyalty must be rewarded to keep customers returning to us, otherwise they could easily take their business to a competitor. — Kate Petersen, Lume Cannabis, Houghton, MI
  • Yes, we do loyalty points and discounts for veterans and low-income customers. — Kayla Brown, Missouri Health and Wellness, Sedalia, MO

No: 49%

  • No, state regulations block these kinds of programs. — Meghan Porter, Ancient Roots, Wilmington, OH
  • No, it’s not allowed by law in financial services and insurance. — Jonathan Pratt, Life Solutions Group, Danvers, MA
  • Not currently, but we will once our new website is launched this May or June. — Chad Derosier, Flora Sophia Botanicals, Ashland, OR
  • No, but we have an ambassador program for our customers and do offer discounts for client referrals. — Mendy Kupfer, Gigabit Systems, NYC, NY

What’s the Brain Squad?

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