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Disposable Glass Joints, Seth Rogen’s Rolling Tray, and More Must-Have Products for Cannabis Pros

The actor wanted his tray to be a “centerpiece-worthy” object of beauty.





GRAV Glass Joints

The latest from Austin, TX-based GRAV, Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints offer a clean, disposable smoking vessel that delivers clean flower flavor. GRAV’s Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints hold half a gram of cannabis flower and require a GRAV Glass Joint Mouthpiece (MSRP: $3.99).

GRAV works with wholesalers and retailers.

$13.99 GRAV Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints, 7-Pack

$39.99 GRAV Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints, 56 Party Pack

Houseplant All-In-One Rolling Tray by Seth Rogen

Houseplant All-In-One Rolling Tray by Seth Rogen

Houseplant’s individually handmade All-In-One Rolling Trays were designed by actor Seth Rogen to be a “centerpiece-worthy” object of beauty and function. Anchored by a rolling surface slab of multi-color, hand-poured concrete, the trays by Vancouver-based Houseplant come with a grinder, ashtray, rolling paper dispenser and tips storage.



Blesswell Blessed Gift Set

Blesswell Blessed Gift Set

DJ Khaled’s Blesswell line of 300mg CBD-infused men’s grooming products has a new gift pack that includes four popular hemp-derived cleansers and creams:

  • Facial Scrub with Vitamin E and White Tea
  • Daily Facial Moisturizer with Hazel and Chamomile
  • Lathering Body Wash with Arnica and Green Tea
  • Blue Charcoal Face Mask with Lavender and Mint

Blesswell sells online and at pop-up salons.


Rogue Recreational CBD Seltzers

Rogue Recreational CBD Seltzers

Portland, OR-based brewer and distiller Rogue has added 30mg Recreational CBD Seltzers to its lineup of CBD beverages, with four new flavors available:

  • Blackberry Cucumber (15 calories)
  • Lavender Mint Lemonade (20 calories)
  • Ginger Yuzu (20 calories)
  • Passion Fruit Blueberry (20 calories)

Rogue ships in Oregon and to Washington and Tennessee.

$4/can, $40/case

Vivid Space Food Sticks

Vivid Space Food Sticks

Retrofuture Products brought back NASA’s famous Space Food Sticks in 2006, sticking to Pillsbury’s formula for the proto-protein bar developed for the Apollo astronauts in the 1960s. Now New York-based Retrofuture and The ViViD Team in Denver, CO have teamed up to create a cannabis-infused version of Space Food Snacks available in either Milk Chocolate Sativa or Dark Chocolate Indica flavors.

ViViD distributes products in Colorado dispensaries.

Price Varies 10mg Recreational Space Food Sticks (5 per bag)

PriceVaries 100mg Medicinal Space Food Sticks (5 per bag)


Kormedical KOR System

Kormedical KOR System

KORMEDICAL of Charleston, SC is offering its KOR System collection of wellness products at 30 percent off for a limited time. KOR System contains KORMEDICAL’s five CBD-, CBN- and CBG-infused physical and mental wellness aids:

  • KOR Health Sublingual Spray
  • KOR Sleep Sublingual Spray
  • KOR Calm Sublingual Spray
  • KOR Sleep Sublingual Strips
  • KOR Relief Transdermal Cream

KORMEDICAL works with wholesalers and retailers.


Trulieve Trutonic

Trulieve Trutonic

Trulieve’s new TruTonic CBD drink powder promises fast-acting, long-lasting relief in a mildly carbonated seltzer. TruTonic is made with the same “sonication” process Trulieve uses for its TruPowder line of “nano-encapsulated,” flavored cannabinoid powder products. TruTonic packets come with 10 pre-packaged 5mg THC doses and are available in Black Cherry and Florida Orange flavors.

Trulieve sells TruTonic at its Florida dispensaries.


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