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Want to Save Big? Look to Bulk Wholesalers Like BioWellnessX for THCa Flower

BioWellnessX of California now offering more strains of their flavorful THCa flower for bulk and wholesale orders.




A close up of THCa hemp flower. PHOTO COURTESY BOSTON HEMP

BioWellnessX, a provider of alternative health and wellness products, announced it has launched its new premium indoor-grown THCa flower wholesale options for those looking to invest in the red-hot THCa market. Located in Burbank, CA, the company’s high-potency THCa hemp flower is designed for health-conscious consumers and hemp enthusiasts who demand the best for their bodies and seek THCa’s euphoric effects. The company is now offering their bespoke strains for bulk and wholesale orders on the company’s website.

The company’s wholesale THCa flower is considered federally legal to produce, distribute, and possess. With THCa levels up to 30% at bulk pricing, BioWellnessX’s THCa flower wholesale options are available in six enjoyable “High THCa Strains.” These strains include Baked Apple Tart (Sativa Hybrid), Apple Crisp (Sativa-Dominant), Double Kush Cake (Indica-Hybrid), Sunset Cruiser (Indica-Dominant), Berries & Cream (Indica-Dominant), and Yoda OG (Indica-Hybrid).

The hemp-derived THCa flower products from BioWellnessX are organically farmed. Considered “triple A” or AAA quality, BioWellnessX’s wholesale THCa flower is crafted from elite cannabis plants, with a maximum of 0.30% Delta-9 THC total dry weight, ensuring federal compliance according to the 2018 Farm Bill. The company ships nationwide with a few exceptions in certain states.

According to BioWellnessX, their new high THCa flower is one of dispensary owners’ best choices for THCa on the market today, thanks to their meticulous production practices and flowers’ delicious terpene flavors. If you’re looking for a high-quality THCa flower product for your business, BioWellnessX’s wholesale options may be worth considering.

“We’ve built every facet of this company with optimal health and safety in mind. We are excited to announce new bulk and wholesale options for our premium-quality hemp THCa,” said a BioWellnessX representative. “Our team has worked tirelessly to offer a wide range of unique strains that will satisfy even the pickiest hemp connoisseur.”




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