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Texas Cities High on Change: Cannabis Decriminalization Gains Momentum Amidst State Stalemate

Despite legislative setbacks, local initiatives seek to make marijuana possession a low-priority offense, reflecting a shifting landscape.




Several Texas cities are progressively decriminalizing cannabis possession as a response to the state Senate’s failure to pass a House-approved bill for marijuana decriminalization, expungement streamlining, and medical cannabis recommendation for chronic pain.

Lubbock, situated in northeast Texas, is on track to become the seventh city to decriminalize minor marijuana offenses, following cities such as Denton, San Marcos, and Killeen. The proposed measure aims to prevent local police from apprehending or citing adults possessing up to four ounces of cannabis unless contradicted by a higher court ruling, reports Benzinga. In such cases, the proposal advocates making marijuana possession enforcement a low priority.

Although some Texas cities like San Antonio have retained cannabis prohibition, Lubbock’s activists hope for a different outcome. Advocates for the Freedom Act Lubbock ordinance have submitted the required paperwork to the city secretary. They now have a 60-day window to gather roughly 4,800 valid signatures, equivalent to a quarter of the registered voters from the recent municipal election. If enough signatures are collected, the proposal advances to the city council; otherwise, it proceeds to a voter ballot.

Despite recreational cannabis remaining illegal in Texas, the cannabis industry is thriving, generating over $8 billion in revenue in 2022. Texas has engaged in discussions about cannabis regulations for years, maintaining strict laws for both medical and recreational usage, though the changing policies at the city level suggest a shifting landscape.



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