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Rove Remedies Serves Up Potent Drink Loud in Cali Dispensaries

Pocket sized potable serves up 100 milligrams of THC in just 1.8 ounces.




Drink Loud by Rove Remedies Rove’s new Drink Loud packs a big punch in a small bottle. PHOTO CREDIT: ROVE BRAND

Rove Remedies has a new cannabis potable that’s as mighty as it is small. The Costa Mesa, CA-based division of Rove last month introduced Drink Loud, a new infused beverage weighing in at just 1.8 ounces but packed with 100 milligrams of THC.

Rove is distributing Drink Loud in partnership with California dispensaries, the company said in a statement. The cannabis grower-processor also sells its products through dispensary partners in Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada and Oklahoma.

Drink Loud comes in pocket-sized bottles. The self-stable consumable never requires refrigeration, even after opening, according to Rove. When sipped, the onset of Drink Loud’s effects can be felt in as little as five minutes, or up to 30 minutes on a full stomach.

The new potable is sold in a variety of flavors, including Kush Berry Spark, Cucumber Haze, Maui Blast, Pina Colada and Pink Lemonade. Drink Loud’s juicy-candy flavors and terpene blends were developed by Rove’s in-house chef. The pocket-sized drink’s flavorings are vegan, gluten-free, contain no GMOs and are sweetened with a combination of sugar and xylitol.

Designed to be enjoyed like a 420-take on energy drinks or cocktail mixers, Drink Loud is manufactured using proprietary nanotechnology, according to Rove Brands president and CEO Paul Jacobson. The beverage’s nanotechnology and emulsification process is said to remove any bitter taste, and ensure a fast-acting effect.

“We spent so much time trying to find a nanotech supplier whose technology gave us the fast onset and zero aftertaste that we were after. When we weren’t finding exactly what we, and we imagined our community wanted, we developed Drink Loud in-house. I couldn’t be more proud of what our R&D team has created with this new product and category,” Jacobson said.


Rove was founded in 2016. The company operates its own manufacturing facilities, creates its own packaging and runs a fully redundant supply chain. Rove manufactures its products, including its award-winning vapes, flower and tinctures, using 100% organically grown cannabis, which the company sources directly from trusted farms in its collective network.

Brad Cheng is the digital editor of Global Cannabis Times, produced by SmartWork Media. Brad's journalism career spans working as an editor for PR Newswire, The Nation and The Santa Barbara News Press, and as Managing Editor of The Katy Courier, and publisher of Now This in Princeton. His career as a screenwriter took him into entertainment advertising, writing major film campaigns for studios and for HBO.



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