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Report: Thailand’s Cannabis Industry Grapples with Growth and Regulation Uncertainty

Investors eye opportunities in the country’s emerging marijuana market while navigating evolving regulations and potential challenges.




Investors are drawn to Thailand’s potential as a cannabis tourism destination. . PHOTO COURTESY OF WIKI COMMONS

Thailand’s legal marijuana industry in Asia faces issues of oversupply, illicit imports, and regulatory ambiguity, yet investors are enthusiastic, reports The New York Time. Dispensaries selling imported marijuana openly to tourists have increased since its decriminalization, but experts predict that competition and forthcoming regulations might challenge their survival. Investors are drawn to Thailand’s potential as a cannabis tourism destination. Presently, legal uncertainty persists, with all sales deemed medical despite recreational use prevalence, leading to illegal imports and price drops.

However, the report says, this regulatory uncertainty hasn’t deterred investors, who are establishing indoor cannabis farms across Thailand. It’s expected that clearer rules will benefit businesses with robust domestic supply chains. Although concerns exist about foreign competitors squeezing local growers, small-scale Thai farmers producing high-quality cannabis have an edge. As the market adapts to changing demand and regulations, investors remain hopeful for stable growth and catering to tourists and consumers.



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