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Fetterman Champions Cannabis Legalization in US Senate

Pennsylvania Senator emphasizes the need for marijuana reform and expungement of minor drug charges.




Senator John Fetterman, a steadfast advocate for cannabis legalization, continues to push for reform in Congress. In an exclusive interview with City & State, Fetterman, known for his unflinching display of marijuana and LGBTQ+ flags as Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor, discussed current cannabis issues and the prospects of federal de-scheduling.

Highlighting recent developments, like Ohio’s move to legalize marijuana, Fetterman questioned the reluctance of Pennsylvania and other states to follow suit. Emphasizing broad constituent support, he expressed puzzlement at Republican resistance to cannabis legalization.

“It’s just so simple and so easy – just give people what they want. And again, make it safe, make it pure and make jobs,” Fetterman told City & State. “All the benefits are going to the cartels, but now, it should be going to the state”

Fetterman’s commitment to cannabis reform stems from his tenure as a local mayor and state official, where he says he witnessed the detrimental impact of minor drug charges on individuals’ lives. He stressed the importance of safe, legal, and taxed cannabis, proposing the use of generated funds for education or infrastructure.

Addressing marginalized communities, Fetterman underscored the necessity of mass expungement to prevent the exclusion of Black and brown people from the cannabis industry. He recalled his efforts as Lt. Governor in initiating the pardoning process for nonviolent cannabis offenses.

Reflecting on his statewide tour as Lt. Governor, Fetterman noted the widespread interest in cannabis legalization across Pennsylvania. He emphasized the need for a fair and accessible market, comparing cannabis to regulated substances like tobacco and alcohol.


“There are things that are so much more lethal and dangerous and addictive – you don’t have any of those issues with cannabis,” the Senator said.



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