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Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Resets Licensing Process

All 90 commercial cannabis license applicants back in play.




The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) has initiated a fresh start for the commercial medical cannabis licensing process, placing all 90 original applicants back in contention. This decision follows the commission’s rescinding of all licenses awarded and applications denied during an Aug. 10 meeting. New rules, set on Oct. 12, now guide the upcoming third round of license distribution.

Rex Vaughn, the chair of the AMCC, emphasized the commissioners’ total autonomy in evaluating the suitability of all 90 applicants, reported Alabama Today.

“We decided to start all over as far as the award,” said Vaughn, while also indicating that previous scores might be considered. “It doesn’t matter if [uncontested in court]or not, they’ll all be taken into consideration after the presentations.”

The public will have access to application presentations scheduled from Nov. 27 to Dec. 8, covering various applicant categories. The revised application process provides opportunities for applicants to address any deficiencies, contest their score results, and submit additional documentation that may have been previously excluded due to file size limitations.

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in Alabama in 2021, the licensing rollout has faced numerous hurdles, Global Cananbis Times reported in mid-October, including legal challenges and disputes over the limited availability of cannabis licenses. Companies such as Medella, Alabama Always, and Verano Holdings have filed various lawsuits against the AMCC.

Central to the controversies is Alabama Always, a company that, having been denied a license, alleged that the AMCC conducted illegal secret deliberations in violation of the state’s Open Meetings Act. In August, a judge responded to these legal complexities by temporarily halting the issuance of new licenses.


While the pathway to recreational cannabis legalization in Alabama remains uncertain, industry analysts project potential annual sales could reach up to $1 billion. The AMCC is now bracing for a likely continuation of legal battles, even as it strives to navigate a transparent and fair licensing process.

Public comments on the current applicants are being accepted electronically through the AMCC website until Nov. 26.



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