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The Way of the Flower: Five Finger Death Punch’s Moody Goes Full Spectrum

Ivan Moody, who spun his battle with alcohol into a cannabis-wellness brand, launches his new flower and edibles line: Greenings.




Ivan Moody, lead singer of Five Finger Death Punch, launches Cannabis Flower and Edibles Line, Greenings by Moody’s Medicinals PHOTO JUSTIN SCHWAN

Ivan Moody, lead singer of famed hard rock band Five Finger Death Punch, has something new to shout about: His new cannabis venture, “Greenings” by Moody’s Medicinals.

Denver-born Moody, 42, initially started his journey into the wellness space with the launch of his premium CBD health line, Moody’s Medicinals, introduced in June 2019. The singer and songwriter, who will be touring with Five Finger Death Punch in 2023 and 2024 on Metallica’s world tours, turned to cannabis out of personal struggle.

“For years, I’ve had a very public struggle with alcohol addiction, and being prescribed an excessive amount of medication for my imbalances felt overwhelming and completely non-conducive to recovery,” said Moody. “I wanted something natural that wouldn’t leave me poisoned with sluggish side effects that countered my life on the road. Greenings was born as a result of the emotional and physical relief I found through cannabis.”

Befitting it’s heavy metal origins, the singer’s new full-specturm Greenings line postures itself as a hard-hitting, edgy cannabis product featuring premium flowers, infused pre-rolls and gummies. Moody’s new brand was created through a partnership with Exhale Brands and Exhale Dispensary in Las Vegas, Nev.

Greenings debuts this month at Exhale Dispensary and features several hybrid strains of cannabis and infused pre-rolls, including Angel De La Muerte, Ill Moody, and Mood Swings. Greenings’ gummies are available in Strawberry, Dragon Fruit Punch, and Sour Blood Orange, and feature 10 milligrams of THC per serving. The company plans to expand the brand to California and Arizona in the near future.

“Between his global success with Five Finger Death Punch along with his Moody’s Medicinals line of CBD products, Ivan brings a unique passion to everything he touches,” said Pete Findley, CEO of Exhale Brands. “His cannabis line brings with it an edge that fans of Ivan and the band can totally relate to.”




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