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NY’s High-End Headshop, Flower by Edie Parker, Partners With Sticky Glass

Luxury cannabis collectibles brand collaborates with Brooklyn-based glass artist to produce a collection of super-sized pipes and ashtrays.




Flower by Edie Parker has added to its collection of boutique cannabis products hand-blown glassware created by artist Grace Wideside’s company, Sticky Glass. PHOTOS EDDIE PARKER

Flower by Edie Parker, dubbed “the Coco Chanel of luxury cannabis” by Forbes, has announced an exclusive collaboration with Sticky Glass, a design company developed by artist Grace Whiteside that specializes in multi-functional glassware.

The distinctive, luxury-minded packaging of New York-based Flower Edie Parker.

The two New York-based brands have come together to develop a unique, limited edition catalog of smokable art pieces that merge Sticky Glass’ signature bubble-like forms with Edie Parker’s upscale lifestyle signature.

Whiteside’s playful forms pull from the natural behavior of glass in it’s fluid state, reflecting the uniqueness of the material. Each item in the collection is hand blown, ensuring unique, smokeable art pieces with personality. The collection includes Gum Ashtrays, Double Bubble Pipes and Bubbler Pipes in a palette of vibrant colors.

Merging the worlds of fashion and cannabis, Flower by Edie Parker‘s “high-end headshop” offers acrylic, ceramic and hand blown glass accessories including stash jars, lighters, ashtrays, bongs, pipes and other accessories, priced from $10 to $80.

“Our goal at Edie Parker is to craft exciting items that sit at the intersection of fashion and flower. This collaboration perfectly embodies that ethos




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