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Jones Soda Finds an Infused-Drink That Finally Pops: THC in a Can

Sales of the Seattle’s soft-drink upstart’s Mary Jones products have surpassed market forecasts.




Mary Jones is expanding its cannabis-Infused soda line with new 100mg products. PHOTO MARY JONES

Seattle’s soft-drink upstart, Jones Soda, is popping the top on a new line of “Mary Jones” products after the promising kick off of its THC-infused sodas. The company’s buzzy new line of drinks, containing 100mg of THC, will go for sale in California this month, expanding the Jones Soda cannabis subsidiary launched in June.

“We’re a small player in soda, but we’re going to be the biggest national player when it comes to a recognizable [consumer-packaged goods] name in cannabis,” Jones Soda marketing chief Bohb Blair told CNBC at the time.

Jones Soda has previously flirted with infused drinks, including its Jones WhoopAss energy-supplemented sodas and its colas and creams given infusions of GABA.  Those lines have since been retired, but its Mary Jones’ THC offerings have been a hit for the company.

The soda-maker introduced 12-ounce bottles containing 10mg of cannabis as the first offering from its Mary Jones line. Sales of the drinks have surpassed market forecasts and found rapid placement in more than 150 dispensaries, including MedMen locations starting this month, says the company.

“Our strong Mary Jones launch validates the strategic decision we made to enter the cannabis industry,” said Mark Murray, President and CEO of Jones Soda Company.

A cheeky move for a national brand

As a boutique player among food and beverage giants, it was Jones Soda’s cheeky lifestyle image that first gained the brand national attention. Smart marketing — engaging everything from custom Hot Wheels packs to internet sell-out sensations like a Turkey and Gravy-flavored Thanksgiving soda —  further landed Jones Soda in the lime-flavored light. The company accelerated as it picked up partners including Starbucks, Walmart and 7-11.


As a publicly traded firm with nation reach, Jones Soda is tiptoeing into a legal grey area selling THC rather CBD-infused sodas. But the choice well fits the company’s playful image as an inventive, outre maker of pop. While the company plans to take Mary Jones to all legal-cannabis states, the sodas will only be available in cannabis dispensaries.

The new line of Mary Jones beverages come packaged in 16 oz “tallboy” cans that are child-resistant and resealable. The multi-serve containers are designed for consumers to pace their consumption or to share with friends.

The drinks come in flavors that have been the company’s best sellers for 25 years: Jones’ Root Beer, Berry Lemonade, Green Apple and Orange & Cream. The company says each flavor tastes exactly like its mainline Jones Soda counterpart, thanks to customized recipes to accommodate the addition of THC emulsions.

“With our ambitious product roadmap and new partnerships enabling us to expand to other states, I’m confident that our Cannabis Division will be instrumental in our growth in 2023 and beyond,” says Murray.



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