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CannaAid First Brand to Cash-in on H4-CBD

North Carolina company is first-to-market with up-and-coming cannabinoid generating buzz in the industry.




CannaAid is first-to-market in offering H4-CBD gummies and vapes said provide a relaxing, easily dosed experience. PHOTO CANNAID

CannaAid of Mooresville, NC, one of the nation’s largest cannabinoid-based producers, announced that it is the first brand to produce and sell H4-CBD products on the market. This up-and-coming cannabinoid has generated a lot of interest in recent years, but only a few brands have been able to successfully launch it.

CBD is a beneficial cannabinoid for those seeking relief, but its effects may not be powerful enough for all consumers, especially those with more chronic complications. Thus, H4-CBD may prove to be a better option. The H4-CBD cannabinoid is much stronger than your typical CBD cannabinoid. In fact, many people report feeling the effects of extreme relaxation and a sense happiness from it, on top of the reported therapeutic assistance.

In the past few years, cannabis scientists have learned the advantages of hydrogenating THC molecules, a process that has traditionally been used in organic chemistry to create or purify specific ingredients or materials. HHC is the first major example of hydrogenation entering the cannabis industry.

Because the H4-CBD cannabinoid comes from hemp-derived CBD, it is currently legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. However, very few retailers have branched out into the market, leaving CannaAid as one of the only producers out there with high-quality H4-CBD products to try. The United Kingdom has already confirmed that CannaAid’s H4-CBD products meet all legal requirements in the UK.

Right now, CannaAid is offering H4-CBD gummies and vapes to provide an enjoyable, easily dosed experience. Learn more about the CannaAid and its cannabinoid products here.




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